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API Form Building Data Collection Account Issues Data Management This subcategory is meant for questions related to managing and downloading your data, sharing permissions, and creating reports and maps. Bug Reporting There is an official process and template to report bugs discovered on KoBoToolbox on our GitHub issues page. However, KoBo users can also report and fill the same template here by clicking + New Topic within this subcategory.
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Reminder about sharing personal and sensitive information on the community forum

To our KoBo Community, We would like to kindly remind everyone that you should never publicly share personal and sensitive information on the forum, such as account passwords or personally identifiable data. If sensitiv…

3 January 17, 2020
About the User Support category 4 May 29, 2019
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6 January 21, 2020
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1 January 21, 2020
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Error App Kobocollect 1.23.3k 15 January 21, 2020
Uploading XLSForms through kobotoolbox rest api using Python
2 January 20, 2020
Stolen data devices 3 January 20, 2020
Create a multiple choice question 9 January 20, 2020
Option to send email notification to users if their submission is edited / validated 3 January 20, 2020
Change size of columns in the Matrix 5 January 20, 2020
Supervisor control and record validation 5 January 19, 2020
Restrict number of choices in a multiple choice question based on a response from a previous question 7 January 19, 2020
Creating a warning sign if a QR/barcode is scanned twice 3 January 19, 2020