500 and 504 error messages

Hi All,

I manage a private kobo account for a humanitarian organization since Thursday (10.09.2020) I have been encountering 504 and 500 errors when I try to log on to the system in addition my enumerators are unable to upload data via the app. I have attached this errors above for your review and action, we are unsure as to what caused this.

What could be the issues? Also note my organization has its private kobo servers/account.


Hi @werdna014
Just for clarity, this is an issue you see when you are on your own servers? If so, then I would like to move this topic to an appropriate category. Kindly provide additional information about your server information so that other users can support you.

Have you tried the form on our servers to see if the issue persists?


Hi Stepane,

No i have not tried on the OCHA servers and feel free to migrate the question to the other side as suggested. I wish to keep the details of the server private if possible.


Hi @werdna014,

Are you able to submit data through Enketo aka web-forms. If you are able to send it through Enketo and not through the Collect android app then i assume that it should be the configuration settings on your android device. If this is the case, please feel free to share a screenshot of the General Settings>Server. This should help us identify your issue. At the same time we would also appreciate if you could share with us the error message that you see while submitting your data.

Have a great day!

Hello @werdna014,

Can you provide the specifications of the server you are using? (i.e. RAM, CPU)
Which version of kobo-install are you using?
Which settings did you pick for uWSGi in advanced options - if you chose advanced options?
Which settings did you pick for PostgreSQL in advanced options - if you chose advanced options?