500 error when replacing Xls form


Small UX “bug” when replacing form

Steps to Reproduce

  1. … Create a project with an XLS form
  2. …Replace form with an updated xls form
  3. …Try to redeploy your project - you got nearly 90% of time a 500 error
    (500 error could be avoid by refreshing the webpage before redeploying the project but this is not straight forward for new users)

Expected behavior

To be able to rededeploi a project with a replaced Xls form immediatly after having upload it.

Hi @edmond.wach,

You generally see an error message when you replace an xlsform when you have syntax errors within your xlsform.

Hi @Kal_Lam
I’m sorry but my bug isn’t related at all with syntax error but to the deployement steps. I mean that 500 error is displayed in the described above steps for XLS form having no message error.