502 Bad Gateway - Can't Log in

Hi, I am updating my forms and then it wouldn’t save. When I tried to refresh the page, the “502 Bad Gateway” appears on screen. How do I resolve this? My wifi is stable with no problems. I am afraid that the edits I made are now gone/remains not saved. Thanks.

Same here !!!

Welcome to the community, @jenolf! We will resolve this issue soon cc: @sleroux.

Thanks, I hope it gets resolved sooner.

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Will the problem be resolved quickly?
Deadline? 1 hour ? 3 hours ? 1 day ?
We have hundreds and hundreds of people in front of us. We need to make decisions. People are getting impatient. Thank you.

@sleroux, our team is already on it. Don’t know the exact time but it should be resolved very soon. This is generally due to the server load.

@jenolf, @jenolf please be informed that the OCHA server is back and is functioning normally.

I am facing same problem. pls help

Thank you!