502 Bad Gateway, when Click over Data Tab

I get this error when Click over Data Tab.

502 Bad Gateway

Here detail info.

Can you confirm if this happens in all the browsers you have?

Hi Stephanealoo, it happen with Google Chrome and FireFox, that are the browsers I normally use.

Thanks for your interest.

Just in order to clarify!

The error only hapen with this form “RPM”, and the form was working ok until now.

Thanks for any comment that can help in this issue.

@ajrd, it seems like this survey project has approximately 13k submissions. How many submissions do the other projects have? Could you kindly share them with the community?

Hello Kal_Lam, good morning!
The problem with our “RPM” form is now solved!
Would you tell me what the problem was?
Was you who solved it?
How to avoid falling into this problem again?
We have other forms also with an interesting volume of submission, how can we share this with the Community?

Also, Thanks a lot for solve our problem.

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@ajrd, this should be only a temporary fix. Will however reach you back when we have a permanent fix for the same.

Ok, Understand!
Thanks a lot!!

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