Access data at differnt stage

Need help to setup hierarchical data access platform

1st. Data manager at DISTRICT level only deal with data collected form data that are collected under that particular district only, Even there are data collectors works in other districts too.

2nd. Data Manger at Province level, only work on the data shared by Districts under the particular provinces only.

3rd. Data Manager at CITY level, works only the particular Provinces with in the CITY only .

How can we get aggregated data at each level , I am not that much familiar with KOBO .

Hi @etuser and welcome to the community!

At this moment KoboToolbox only allows data aggregation in user level. This is what we call: Row-Level Permissions — KoboToolbox documentation

It doesn’t allow users to view data based on answers.

So what I would suggest you to do is create users at individual level, city level, province level and district level, and manage permissions in these users.

If you need further help, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Thank You @haken_cetinkaya for your suggestion , when you say user account ,do you mean kobo account for each enumerators , districts,?