Add New language for Question Choices


I am trying to add new language questions for survey’s choices
; Please see what i mean in the attached image, is it possible?

I have added new language for the question it self in Language Table , i want to add for the choices of the question?

Hi @glassprism,

Scroll down and you should see Next at the bottom of the translation page. Click Next until you are finally able to see the choices for the questions that you have set for your survey project.

Thank you very much
Does it mean that just if i use two languages,
English and Spanish

English has been the default language if questions are mistakenly submitted after respondent must have switched to Spanish,
How do I export the data to make sure that everything is done in English

If the question is answered in Spanish, would it reflect in the English data?
If the question is answered in English, will it reflect in Spanish data when downloaded

Hi @glassprism,

Please note that if you have 2 different languages the language can be interchanged (whenever you wish) during the time of data collection by switching the Change Language button (which is usually at the top right corner of either the KoBoCollect android app or the Enketo).

Additionally, thought you have 2 different languages, the data entered (collected) in KoBoCollect or the Enketo would be in English.

Thank you very much

you just solved a big problem

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