Adding weight to multiple choice responses


I am trying to build a form to grade health facility performance. I have assigned a weight to one of the 13 multiple-choice options which if selected would be used to grade the health facility. This option appears in several subsections in the questionnaire and at the end the facility should be scored in percentage.

I have read previous posts and I am unable to follow through on the example you gave. Kindly provide assistance.

Thank you.

hi @jt_smith can you share the xls form with us to help and understand better?

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Dear Osmanburcu,

This is jt_smith. I was unable to upload the xls from the other user name. Please find below.

Kobocollect workbook 4.xlsx (31.3 KB)

so let me explain and correct me if i am wrong, you have some root causes to evaluate in all health facilities, and you have weighted scores, in the end you would like to have score based on weighted scores?

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On the “Survey” sheet I colored the area where the multiple-choice options are selected. I also colored the options on the “Choice” sheet. The ideal option is “no root cause identified”. This is repeated several times under 4 different sections.

I want to make the checklist such that selecting “no root cause identified” the health facility is scored. Then at the end of each section, the health facility is scored in percent.

Yes. This is correct. The only option that should be weighted is “No root cause identified”.

Please check the OSA1-5 part only, if this is what you need, i can share the xls form with you


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Yes. This is what I need. Thank you so much!

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Here you go,

aBiazZPHswvTtvS6Lt4Fhp.xlsx (24.0 KB)

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Kindly highlight where you made the addition. I would like to add this to the rest of the checklist.


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You can fİnd it as highlighted as Yellow

aBiazZPHswvTtvS6Lt4Fhp.xlsx (30.4 KB)

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Thank you!

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Assign weights to the 13 multiple-choice options that contribute to the facility’s grade. Then, design the form with the subsections and questions, ensuring that the weighted option appears where necessary. When the questionnaire is filled out, calculate the score by multiplying the weight of each selected option by its corresponding value. Sum up these weighted scores for all selected options. Regards

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@osmanburcu, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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To build a form for grading health facility performance with a weighted multiple-choice option, you can follow these steps:

  1. Design the questionnaire: Create the questionnaire with all the necessary sections and subsections. Determine the specific questions and multiple-choice options that are relevant to assessing the facility’s performance.
  2. Assign weights: Identify the specific multiple-choice option that carries the weight for grading. Assign the appropriate weight to this option. For example, if a selected option carries a weight of 5, it will contribute significantly to the overall score.
  3. Calculate scores per section: Within each subsection that contains the weighted option, calculate the score for that particular section. Add up the weights of all the selected options in that section to get the section score.
  4. Calculate overall score: Once all the section scores are calculated, sum them up to obtain the total score for the health facility.
  5. Convert to percentage: To express the score as a percentage, divide the total score by the maximum possible score (which would be the sum of all the weights) and multiply by 100. This will give you the facility’s performance score in percentage
  6. Implement the form: Build the form using your preferred method (e.g., online form builder, custom HTML, or software). Include the multiple-choice options, subsections, and appropriate weighting calculations within the form structure.
  7. Test and refine: Test the form thoroughly to ensure accurate calculations and functionality. Make any necessary refinements or adjustments based on feedback or testing results.
  8. Communicate results: After a health facility completes the form, calculate the score based on their selections and provide them with the final performance score in percentage. This will help them understand their performance relative to the weighted criteria.

By following these steps, you can create a form that effectively grades health facility performance based on the weighted multiple-choice option and provides a final score in percentage.
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