Advise on apperance parameter - feedback

I would like to be advised on the best presentation (appearance parameter) of the data when using a select_one and the entry is made on a mobile phone (Android)
Thank you

May depend partly on the length of the choice list, the content and the page design.

  • Short lists, fitting even on one middle-size screen, I would keep all visible (i.e. no special appearance).
  • For longer lists, we normally also use no appearence. We prefer that a user can easily scroll down in the whole list. And it seems more robust against tick errors.
    Sometimes we add grouping lines, like *** Africa *** in very long country list. We give them systematic choice names like ‘-100’ ‘-200’, to constraint them by regex against final selection.

A disadvantage using apperance for us is, that you will not see the list if you print a form (or submission). (We print the empty form as paper backup for field work, in case of IT problems.)

Furthermore, it depends on whether
you use group-list for questions. Where you want to have more then one question on a screen, you may prefer a condensed choice list appearence.

Finally, you might also discuss the options with your users, even for different form parts, esp. between full list and search option.


Thank you!

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Thank you for your help!

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