After Deploying the Project the Question Matrix is not working on Mobile

I deployed the project and found this problem:
Especially in Question matrix:
Laptop and computer is showing perfect but Mobile phones are not showing it in right way.
I have attached the screen shoot:

From mobile:

From Laptop:

Please help me as I need it like laptop in all mobiles

For this, simply try using a tablet with a larger screen (as Enketo ideally is meant for collecting data in a large screen). If you don’t have a larger screen tablet try viewing your survey form in a landscape view. This should also solve your issue.

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Hi Kal_Lam
I am trying to do survey online so I want to send the link to people so that they could fill it, that is why I am willing to make it look like same as laptop.
Is there any solution for this.

Sorry @LeoM, the only solution for this is that enumerators/respondents use a large screen to collect data if there is a matrix question.

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