Alphabetical Lookup from list

List of 70 villages. Need to be able to have user narrow choices as they type. Example: I want to find village name “Aida” , user starts typing “a” and list narrows down to only “a” items on screen. User types “I” and list shows only villages that start with “ai”, and so on until they select an item.
How to implement this? Please?

Hi Peteratower, there are two options to go about this. First you can use select_one_external villages on the type column of the xlsform. Then create another sheet and name it external_choices -which should contain the list of 70 villages as you would do in a normal choices sheet. Creating an external_choices sheet makes the form to load faster since 70 choices is very bulk. To do automatic search as the user enters a village name, you need to add “autocomplete” attribute in the appearance column of the village question.
The 2nd option assumes that the wanted to increase efficiency of user filling out the form. To go around this you can first create a region/location question first. Then when a user select a particular region say region A, then the next question on village will only display the villages belonging to region A. This can be accomplished by cascading select- include “choice_filter” column on the survey sheet, then for the village question under choice_filter column type region=${region}. On the choices sheet add another column named “region”. add the regions on the corresponding to villages as appropriate.Click here for more information:

Thank you so much! I thought I would have to write some VBA code to get it to work. I will try both options.
Thanks a lot.

Peter A. Tower