Alternative of Question Matrix

As Android Phone does not support Question Matrix in form. What is the alternative to use in those cases where questions has to be in matrix but also has to shown on mobile device.

you can work with a “list” that shows the label only once, and then lets you list several select_one or select_multiple questions on one page. The limitation here is, that all questions need to have the same “choices lists”

For the xls-form, the steps would be (I don’t know how well you know Kobo, so apologies if the steps are too detailed):

  1. You need to create a group around all the questions you want displayed in your matrix, in the appearance column of the begin group, you write field-list
  2. Then you choose your select_one or select_multiple with the choice list you prepared and write "label in the appearance column. You can write something like “Answer options” in the actual label column.
  3. Now you write all the questions you have, always using the same choice list as for the above mentioned row. For each question, you write list-nolabel in the appearance column
  4. Then you close your group.

This should give you something like a matrix.

Hope this helps.

Depending on what you run the survey (phone or tablet) you might want to limit your answer options to yes/no, or use numbering instead of lengthy answers.


Did this eventually work?

thanks man
but the questions type is text
how i can do text matrix question?

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Thank you. Now, it works well


It is possible to attached the sampel of xls file of this sollutions @Arqaam , @FAO-DataEntry

Hi @taufik_maggangka,
attached the file for you.
Kobo_list.xlsx (13.3 KB)

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Thank you so much @Arqaam,

I thought my issue is quite different, Basically, I try to create question matrix list with dynamic list based on the previous question.

I my case, I need Staff list based on selection on the selected school on the previous question.

Try too looking a solution about this and getting stuck including using choice filter but seem doesn’t work, I opened the issue here : Dinamic Kobo Matrix List

Really need future help, Thank you so much
Here the excel file that I used
Staff Attendance-V4.xlsx (19.1 KB)

Hi @taufik_maggangka, I had a look.

The easiest way is to not work with choice filter here, but with skip logic most likely. This will only work if you know the name of the people beforehand. But you basically repeat the list (as I had shown in the file I sent you, including the group around it. And then you make the group relevant to the selection of the school chosen in the prior question. While it will look like a lot of duplication in your Excel file, but in the form itself they will only see the one they selected.

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