Anomaly is registering of form start date

I have received some submissions which have a unusual date(like 2nd January 1970) in the default ‘start time’ of the form, as is seen in the table view.
what went wrong?
I’m attaching the image of the error.
Please help

Hi @mohan_n,
Are these coming in from the same device as the other ones?

I’m not exactly sure why this would be happening, but maybe it could happen if the phone’s date and time are incorrectly set up?

Maybe if you check if it’s only happening to some devices, and then we could troubleshoot from there?

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You are right, Jenna.

This error is visible only through certain devices.

When the device submits the filled forms, the data either has wrong indexing (with reference to submission date) or wrong date as mentioned above.

13 out of 176 total submissions from this device are out of order. these 13 forms have been submitted in two different days.

Is there something wrong with the devices which can be corrected?


Madhav Murari Das