Approve and Reject options while sharing the project

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Requirement: Supervior want to Reject or Approve the form.
Procedure: Let us consider with the example of 2 people working on this form.
Step 1:
First person(lets say user) will create the form in Kobotool box and send it to the second person(supervior) with the help of share this project option by giving the permission only to view the form.

Step 2: When the second person(Supervior) is viewing the form and he needs some more changes to be done on the form and wants to send back to first person with the help of this options (Approved,On hold and Not Approved) or writing some comments. So, do we have any options like Approved,On hold and Not Approved in scenario.

Could you please let us know if we are having any possibility for the same process. Thanks


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Hi @keerthi,

There is a feature Row-Level Permissions in KoBoToolbox where a user is able to provide certain rights to the users. Have you tried it out. A combination of row level permissions along with the validation feature should solve your issue.

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In addition to what has been shared by @Kal_Lam please note that the logic you had indicated if summarized, the form cannot be sent back by supervisor to the “data collector user” to fill it up in the data collection approach i.e. to the android app or to the web-form. The row level permission, allows the user to edit their form on the data management (table view) platform of the project.