Assignment of marks according to the selected choice

I would like to assign grades; from the smallest to the largest (from 1 to 5) to institutions in your locality / village that are more influential on others. (1 = Not Influential; 2 = Little Influential; 3 = Influential; 4 = Quite Influential; 5 = Very Influential)

Indeed if the user chooses the response “Not Influential”; the calculated values give the score 1, if he chooses “Little Influential”, then, then the calculated value gives him the score 2 and so on …
How do I go about it in this case?

Thank youAssignment of marks according to the selected choice.xlsx (10.0 KB)

Hello @esy_cari2020,
You can just set corresponding names for the choice items (instead of automatic).
Perhaps, you might also like to use a rank question type.


I agree with @Wroos that using the value labels 1 through 5 instead of leaving them as automatic is the fastest way to solve your issue.


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