Assignment of password and username to investigators

Hello everyone,
I am learning kobotoolbox and I managed to create a server, but I do not know which page to choose to assign the user name passwords to different investigators so that they download and submit the data.
if possible show me the procedure in picture
please, I need your help

Hi @masalafortunat,

Welcome to the community! Please see the following support article to get started with data collection:

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Very helpful for a beginner .

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Hello Kal_Lam, I thank you for your intervention, if I understand well in the second article support all investigators will have the same username and password of the administrator to download the form and submit the data in the server kobo

Hi @masalafortunat,

Yes! You got it correct. There are basically two ways in configuring the KoBoCollect with the KoBoToolbox account which are as follows:

Method 1:

Method 2:

  • Alternatively, you could simply type as or under the URL. Please note that the user_name is your KoBoToolbox username. Doing so you will not need to share your username and password with other users to get the blank survey forms. You could simply share the link when the project has been successfully deployed.

Hello Kal_Lam, I would like to know how to stop or suspend in the server kobotoolbox the submission data from the investigators while they collect the data in both methods.
Thank you for your clear answers.

Hi @masalafortunat,

For this you will simply need to ARCHIEVE PROJECT (to stop accepting submissions) which is located under the SETTINGS. You could also have a look at the community post discussed earlier on how to ARCHIEVE PROJECT.

As part of my practice, I just sent three forms to my kobotoolbox account that I had created, but there were some error messages and I used the second method of link sharing
here is the error message:
Error: Invalid status code on Head request. If you have a proxy, you may need to login to your network.

I do not know what this error message means and what to do to solve this problem?

Hi @masalafortunat,

Could you also explain us the steps that you followed so that it would be easy for us to identify what really caused the issue.

Please If you can give me your e-mail address so that I send you my username and password of my kobotoolbox account so that you try to see what will happen.

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