Auto display of data from external file


I am trying to pull data from an external file to display it on the form. I have uploaded the external file through media upload and trying to pull data from it.

I have followed the syntax for pulldata which is explained in the community.
One difference is that, in this case , the School_List is a “Select one from file” type question. But I am not able to pull the school_Leader_Name in this case. Am I doing it right? Please help.

Welcome to the community @veluthedan! Would you mind sharing your xlsform and the csv file so that the community would be bale to help you out.

Thank you @Kal_Lam.

I am not able to upload files here. Says new users can’t upload files.

Would you mind giving another try by refreshing your page? You should be able to upload.

Instead sharing the screen shots of the xlsform and csv here.

And below is the School_List csv used for drop down list of Schools.


Yes. Thank you!
These are the files.

Schools.csv (140 Bytes) School_List.csv (52 Bytes) aE6UyXVMC95ASKhdxFRX6u.xlsx (16.7 KB)

Hi @veluthedan
I have had a look at your form and I recommend the following changes which should solve your issue.

  1. Include a School_Code within your Schools CSV file

  2. I recommend that you slightly amend your main file image

Please find attached the files.
School_List.csv (52 Bytes) Schools.csv (154 Bytes) aE6UyXVMC95ASKhdxFRX6u.xlsx (17.0 KB)


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Thank you for the help. I tried this solution, but getting an error while deploying the form.


Hi @veluthedan
I have seen the issue, apologies. Kindly use this form. aE6UyXVMC95ASKhdxFRX6u.xlsx (17.0 KB)


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Thank you so much. @stephanealoo @Kal_Lam

It works now! I have been trying for this since yesterday.