Automated reporting on KoBo data in R

Hi KoBo community R users, I’m an NGO user exploring using R to automate some of our analysis, reporting, and dashboarding tasks for field data collected in KoBo (I work with Mercy Corps and am specifically examining post-distribution monitoring data from one of our programs). R packages I’m very familiar with and intend to use for this purpose (unless advised otherwise) include ggplot2, httr, flexdashboard, shiny, and rmarkdown.

Does anyone here have experience using R for such a purpose, any examples you could share, or lessons learned?

Hello hannacamp,

In my organización we are developping and integrated system from kobo to Power BI. Power BI allows for nice visualización and user-friendly data sharing and presentation.

It also allows for using R (R script in the data query) and R visuals directly in the power BI desktop.

I would think that R is very powerful for análisis but not that user friendly and that’s why we are using the power BI interface to implement it.
User from the organization use a standardise generator of survey with all the survey kind we use (mainly food security, nutrition, livelihoods, wash etc…) and use a designed desktop that have all the graphs prepared and additional análisis using the R visualization tool.

We are actually developping it and did a pilote test but it promising and works :slight_smile:
For linking powerBI and kobo database (you may need the same tool) we are using this website from UNCHR to generate the link while keeping the data private in kobo:

One advise i am actually struggling with a lot is that my variables have the names of the groups and sub groups of questions but a maximum number of letters, therefore i have entire groups of questions where i don’t know which variable it refers to as the groups sub groups sub-sub groups takes all the available letters… quite difícil to analize therefore!

Good luck for this project, it’s very promissing and we could continue sharing good practice with pleasure!


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