Automatic numbering in alphabetical order

hello once more,

please i wish to automatically number my questionnaires from A to Z through a building question in such a way that all questionnaire collected in day one will be A and those in day 2 will be B and day
3 will be C and so on… i will like that the numbering of the questionnaire should be automatic without the input of the data collectors. so i will wish the alphabetical order to change every 24h automatically before collection starts day after day.

please this posible? if yes please how can this be done? thanks

@pavlov, do you have any fixed number of days for the data collection to happen (say 5 days from March 30 to April 3?

yes kal_lam i do have a fixed number of days for that.

Do you wish to change the question number or the input like the id number? Say it’s 2022/3/31, and every id number on this entry should have an A prefix at the beginning. So the ID could be something like A-2022/3/31-respondent name. Is this something you are looking out for?