Calculate crash in a form linking

I created a Parent form (registration of a child) and a Child form (pick up of a child), it worked except that it crashed when few numbers are entered.

So out of 200 registered families, 3 numbers refuses to come up. I have checked my codes and can’t seem to figure the bug.

When the pick up form is opened I get this error page and more:

I just realized this is likely happening for the duplicate ID in the Parent submissions. Any ideas on how to control this?

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Welcome to the community, @snillok4u! Maybe you will need to create your ID in a unique way using some regex codes.

Thank you for your response.
The Parent form is to be filled by different agents, and a card containing the ID will be issued to a Guardian. At the point of pick-up, the guardian is expected to present the card,

Upon collection, the agent inputs the number in the Child form, and the details are displayed.

Every worked fine, except for the duplicate ID crashing the form. So creating the ID might not really work with the multiple registration points.