Calculations do not work properly and results are displayed repeatedly

Hello Community
Previously I had a project to create a monitoring form for feeding malnourished toddlers, I tried to create a form for 3 phases of feeding; giving stage 1 to giving stage 3. in the form using the dynamic data feature (for parental projects I use the Registration file and include an ID number, and for child projects I use the Intervention 1.2 file). in the Intervention 1.2 file serves to record data on weight, height, age (automatically), and the calculation of growth zscore (using the LMS method). But when the file is run, when filling in the data at stage 1 the results will come out and fill in automatically at stage 2 and stage 3 even though (logical explanation; zscore results come out when the intervention date and Weight and Height data are entered). please help
[Intervensi 1.2.Thank you very much

Form registrasi Sasaran_SIGMA.xlsx (11.2 KB)
Intervensi 1.2.xlsx (34.3 KB)
LMS_table.csv (16.9 KB)
LMS_table_bbu.csv (1.6 KB)
LMS_table_tbu.csv (1.3 KB)

@dedik2urniawan, you should be able to learn more by playing around with this article that describes about the dynamic data attachment feature:

Thank you @Kal_Lam for the information, I’ll try to solve it from the discussion in the tag.