Can data in KOBO Collect Server be edited or altered

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Once data has been submitted to the KOBO Collect server, it is able to be edited or altered?

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Sorry, the question is supposed to be, ‘Is it possible to edit or alter data in KOBO Collect server?’

You could edit submissions from the server by following the instructions outlined in the support article Editing or Deleting a Single Submission.

Thanks for this. I am still worried as I see a section of, ’Last Modified’ on my data sets in KOBO Collect Server, even before I did any edits. Does it mean the tools or data might have been edited or altered in any way?

If you are referring to Last Modified as highlighted in the image below:

It’s the survey project (questionnaire), not the dataset. FYI, Created refers to when the survey project was created.

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Thanks so much for this

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