Can I install the server version on my local computer and use it as a Kobo server by changing the configuration files?

I installed KoboToolBox server version on my local computer (Ubuntu) and intend to test it as a server. It doesn’t have a combined domain so I just tried using local address for ‘Public Domain Name’ in envfile.server.txt. For the other subdomains I just typed ‘’, and the passwords are changed to my own. After I docker-compose up and tried docker-compose ps, everything shows ‘up’, which I think means normally running. However I could not open KoboToolBox on my browsers with the address I typed in, which is ‘’.

I self-signed a ssl.crt and ssl.key with OPENSSL. I don’t know if this might cause some problem for this testing. Another thing I noticed that might not be normal is the logs printed on my screen, which always has a line ‘nginx: [emerg] unexpected “.” in /etc/nginx/conf.d/nginx_site_https.conf:13’.

Can someone kindly give me a hint here?

This link should be helpful!topic/kobo-users/kh8QEkLzVGI

I would strongly recommend against using self-signed certificates unless you’re planning on manually installing your generated CA cert. into the trust stores of every client device that will be accessing your KoBo server. HTTPS and the system of public key cryptography it’s based on is generally meant to rely on the public system of trusted CAs.

Since you don’t have a CA-signed wildcard certificate or public DNS records as are specified in the instructions, it’s highly recommended that you follow the “local” installation instructions rather than the “server”.



On Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 9:36:44 AM UTC-5, Abdullah Sham wrote:

This link should be helpful!topic/kobo-users/kh8QEkLzVGI