Can KOBO be used for Referrals

Hi all,
I am looking to use KoBoToolbox for a specific programme that will gather information in one place and then refer it to another place where further information can be added to it.

Is this something Kobo can do?

Many thanks.

@ghana_heart2, your query seems to be a bit unclear. Could you explain it a bit more?

Hi Kal,
So I am running a call center referral system where call center agents receive calls from hospitals concerning a medical case, enter the details of the case in a questionnaire I developed on Kobo and refer them to specialists who are expected to complete the other aspect of the questionnaire.
Is this possible or I need to develop a separate questionnaire for the specialists?
If so, is there a way to link the two questionnaires such that the specialists receive the first aspect of the questionnaire completed by the call agents?

Hi @ghana_heart2,

I think it is possible, Dynamic Data Attachments — KoboToolbox documentation

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Thank you @hakan_cetinkaya
I will try this and see how it goes…