Can not access 502 bad gateway

I am not able to access I am getting following message

Any suggestions?


I’m getting the same error. I can’t Get Blank Form on the app too.

Maybe the servers are being updated.

Same issues at our end.

Same here! I also posted a while ago.

Same here !!!

We will get back to you when we resolve the issue @mandarsathe, @paani, @rahmat, @jenolf, @sleroux.

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I am also getting the same message.

We will get back to you when we resolve this issue @nomkhosivpuu!

Same issue for me as well. Unable to get to login page

Welcome to the community, @test_amrutha! We will get back to you when we resolve this issue.

I’m not able to login to the server. Can you please check it. I’m getting 502 Bad Gateway.

@fsimon23, we will get back to you once we resolve this issue.

@mandarsathe, @paani, @rahmat, @jenolf, @sleroux, @nomkhosivpuu, @test_amrutha, @fsimon23 please be informed that the OCHA server is back and is functioning normally.

Thank you @Kal_Lam for your continuous support.

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Thank you so much! @Kal_Lam

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Thank you very much @Kal_Lam

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Hello there
I want to ask everyone a general question.
Before the Kobo update, there weren’t such frequent bugs. Now we face with this problem almost everyday. I guess there is no permanent solution for now. Are there any initiatives for improvement?

Thank you for your great effort so far.
Best wishes