Can not submit data

Dear community .

One of our respondents cannot submit data and there is a notification like in the picture. Can anyone explain why? thank you

Is it in a self hosted server or is it one of the servers hosted by the KoBoToolbox (i.e. OCHA or HHI)? Also kindly please let us know if it’s only a case for an enumerator or a case that is affecting other enumerators as well.

I’m using … This case only happened to 1 person

In this case, would you mind recommending the user with the following:

  • Change the user’s browser to Chrome or other modern browser.
  • Update the user’s browser to it’s latest version.

thanks Kal_Lam

Did it work? Could you kindly confirm so that it would help other community users if they have similar issues.

Yes it worked. Thank you Kal_Lam

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Thank you for confirming!