Can XML value of a form be text and not just numbers?

Hi Kobo community,

Stupid question but can you asign text (like combinations of works with spaces between them) as the XML values in form builder or do XML have to be numeric? I would like to update SML values on an existing form and redeploy with text so that submissions can appear instantly in my Power BI Dashboards and not as 1,2,3 etc that I then need to resign values to.

Is that do able? IF I do this to an existing form will it stuff up my submissions?


Hi there @lucybattaglene,

You can change the XML values to text, however you cannot put spaces between words. I would suggest you use underscore _ for spaces.

Hope this helps.

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Hello @lucybattaglene

Unfortunately YES, as you the new values (choice names) will be added and NOT update submitted versions.

You should better work with labels (which can also get directly exported).j

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