Cannot display edits because the data is too large

Hi everybody
I want to make choices for users where they live with 3 questions.
Question 1: In which province do you live?
I choose the province A answer
Question 2: The system only displays districts of province A
I chose district A1 answer
Question 3: The system shows only the communes of district A1
I chose A11 and ended and jumped to the next question.

I followed this guide:
When I try with 2 provinces, 30 districts and 600 communes, the system works normally.
When I tried with enough data: 60 provinces, 700 districts and 12,000 communes, the system still received normally. But if I want to add a question, the web browser stops working.
See my data:

I am a new user, please help me.

Use preload data

Please, show me detail that or a example. Thanks

Here’s what i found in your form,

  1. Filename and form_id - should have no space/s
    2 Wrong cascading logic -I made a simple cascade logic, for you to follow.
  2. Attached file base on your excel file.
    Vietnamese_administrative_units.xlsx (12.3 KB)

Please acknowledged if it is working.

Thank you for your help. I did it again by following your instructions. But I did not get good results. The form still cannot display the editing interface.
Can you help me use preload data?
Thanks a lot

What do you mean by “editimg interface”?