Cannot update information in the Child project via KoboCollect app

Dear Community,

I’ve successfully linked between Parent and Child project according to the guideline
The child form is used to retrieve the existing information of patients from the Parent form. Next, I want to update some more information such as “Laboratory result” by using child form to get a completed information of patients saved in the child project.
The problem is, I can update the child form via Enketo web form but KoboCollect app.
In KoboCollect, all the information can be retrieved from parent form, but when I try to enter other information and submit form, all the information I entered are not saved in the child project.
I would appreciate for any responses.

@sokeang, it should take 5 minutes to sync the submission. You will also need to update the form (blank form) if you wish to update the submissions in the app.

@Kal_Lam, thank you so much for spending time with us. May I describe my issue again:
I wait for more than 5 minutes, and there is no problem with the sync. I also update the (blank form).
But, I don’t understand why all the new entering answers in the child form are not store in the child project after the submission (I lose all ‘‘new information’’ that entered in child form).
**The two forms work perfectly on web browser (all “new information” are saved and stored after submission). But they are not work in KoboCollect app.
Thank you again for your help.

@sokeang, if I understood you correctly, you were able to collect data (for the parent form) and submit it to the server without any issues. You then wanted to pull the data from the parent form to the child form using the Collect android app, but that is working as expected, which works without any issues in the Enketo web form. Did I get you correct?

If yes, I could try this on my end.

@Kal_Lam , I’m sorry for my English.
Yes, that is correct, but not all the issues that I would like to express.

I can pull data from parent form to child form perfectly using Enketo web form. Via Enketo web form, I can edit the answers that I pull from parent form and submit to the server and store in the child project without any issues.

Next, I want to use KoboCollect instead. With KoboCollect, I can still pull data from parent project. After pulled the data, sometimes I need to edit or add more information to the answer. But I when submit the child form, the edited answers are not saved in the child project. So, I lose all the edited information.
** the issue happen only when I use KoboCollect app.