Can't edit the old version data

Hi all,

First I uploaded the XLSform to KoBo server and uploaded some survey records later I brought some changes in XLSform and replaced the uploaded form. but I can’t edit the data of previous, but I can edit the data of new version.
anyone know how to edit the data of old version.

Thank you so much in advance

Welcome to the community @Yousufzai! Would you mind providing us with more details so that we could have a closer look at your end:

  • What are the question types that you are not able to edit (such as text, select_one etc.?
  • Does both of your deployed versions have the question that you are trying to edit from a submission?

I upload one ODK survey form(XLSform) to Kobo server and enumerators upload some data to that form later we added some more questions and replaced the old version of ODK survey form on Kobo Server to the new version.
we have data in the old version when we upload the newer version of the ODK form we can’t edit the record of the old data variables.

Could you kindly share with us a screenshot of the issue you are seeing at your end. Maybe this should be helpful for us to understand your issue more clearly.

Could you share with us your username, project name and server name through a private message so that we could have a closer look at it and see what’s really affecting your issue.

Hi @Yousufzai
If the data variables that cannot be edited were removed from the most recent version of the form then you will not be able to edit them. You should note that when editing a form, the most recently deployed version of the form is what is used as a template for filling in the edit. As such any deletions on it will not be seen. Kindly confirm if these variables were not deleted in the most recent deployment.


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Hi @stephanealoo ,
Thank you so much for the message I highly appreciated.
I did not delete any variable but I added some new variables into it. do you know how to access the database tables ?

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