Can't get dynamic data attachment to work

Hello Sir! I’ve been seeing your replies in a lot of the threads, and I was wondering if you can help me with my problem. I’ve been stuck on this project for a week and I’m getting frustrated. I’ve already read plenty of the articles and watched YouTube videos but still can’t seem to make my project to work. I’ve tried simplifying the codes to match my parent and child form, removed the groups, and experimented with the “instance” formula but to no success.

I hope you find the time to check my original forms and make me understand where I’m falling short. :smiling_face_with_tear: I still have two projects to connect to these forms and it’s taking a toll on our schedule.

Thank you!

PS. I’ve already connected the forms as instructed in the dynamic data attachments – kobotoolbox documentation. The request form successfully pulls data from my user database. However, I can’t seem to pull the data from request form to approval form.

R2TMC Integrated AMS Approval.xlsx (39.0 KB)
R2TMC Integrated AMS Request.xlsx (35.4 KB)

@applecharm, I would advise you to work on a small code first to see if that’s doing the work as expected. Your XLSForm seems to have a lot of dynamic data attachment codes. Did you try to see if the very first code works? Once the first code is working, try to go with the next.