Can't pull data from previously collected data in dynamic pull data form

Hi all,
I developed two forms a few months ago. The first form is to receive a case and the second one is to reply to that specific case by using the dynamic pull data function. In the received form, I used a manual case number which is being used in the reply form to pull data from receive form dataset. My enumerators already submitted more than two thousand forms using these two forms. Now, I updated my receive forms to generate automatic case numbers in the received form just to avoid duplicate case numbers. Now, the problem is, that these updated reply forms can pull the data which was collected by using previous forms, but can’t pull data that is collected by using the updated received form. I can’t find which am I missing in my updated reply form. Can anyone please help me to sort this out kindly? Thanks in advance.
Just for your kind information, I uploaded both versions of receive and reply forms (Version 2 previous form and the version is the updated form).
WASH CFRM_Receive_V2.xlsx (19.8 KB)
WASH CFRM_Reply_V2.xlsx (30.8 KB)
WASH CFRM_Receive_V3.xlsx (20.1 KB)
WASH CFRM_Reply_V3.xlsx (30.8 KB)
5. CSV file for pull data:
enumerator.csv (4.5 KB)

@tasfik_rukan seems like you are trying to mix up the pulldata function and the dynamic data attachment feature. Why would you try using the former when you are already using the latter? I would advise you to use the latter only as it should be able to handle it smoothly.

Hi @Kal_Lam, thanks a lot for your kind reply. As you said, latter forms are able to pull data smoothly. But, the problem is there are lots of received cases which were received through former forms and these cases must be replied.
Now, when I try to replace the former forms with latter one, then updated reply forms though can pull data from previous dataset(V2), but can’t pull data which is collected through updated received forms (V3).
Now, what I only need is that I need to replace and updated both receive and reply forms with V3 and updated reply form should be able to pull data from both receive version (dataset of V2 &V3).
Hope, that clarify little bit more about the issue I need to sort out.
Thanks again to you for your quick response.

Or, may be I can share my account’s credentials with you if you want to check the issue from your side. It would be a great help if you could make this work please.