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Dear Kobo support team,

I have one problem about using connect project. I have see the introduction of using connecting project and use its forms. It is work well but there is only one condition to connect project. My form need to have more than one condition to connect those two forms. I used calculated function to combine all condition and use it as connector but it is not work. Please, kindly save me!
04_CNP_tbl04_Dist&Ind.xlsx (118.8 KB)
05_CNP_tbl05_Dist.xlsx (120.2 KB)

Welcome back to the community, @sreangphaly! Could you provide more details on this?

Dear Kal,

I mean I test the sample that I get from KoBo: Dynamic Data Attachments — KoboToolbox documentation, it use only ID number as criteria to connect from parent form to child form but my project want to use more criteria combine together to pull data from parent form such as: type of form, year, round, address that include province district and commune and phase of data collection because this context of project.

@sreangphaly, it should be able to pull data dynamically as long as your multiple criteria point out a submission (identifier variable) to link it dynamically.

@Kal_Lam yes, that’s why I ask you help. As an introduction “instance(‘survey’)/root/data[P_Demographic/P_SN = current()/…/C_SN]/P_Demographic/P_Age” it mean to Return P_Age (P_Demographic group) from the parent project where C_SN in the child project is equal to P_SN in the parent project.
As the above formula, they want to pull Age from Parent Form to Child Form by using one Criteria where C_SN in Child form is equal to P_SN in Parent Form. In contrast, I wan to move Aga from Parent Form to Child Form as well but my data is kind of Longitudinal data, it means I interviewed one person many time in different year. So, I need two criteria such as ID is equal to ID and Year is equal to Year or if more than two criteria. How do I write down the formula…? Hope I can explain you clear and may you have any suggestion.

Thanks in Advance

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Dear @Kal_Lam ,

Any solution on this? Please, kindly help me !!! I really need your support.

Very much thanks in advance!!!