Cascade questions and repeat questions with previously selected data

Dear colleagues,

I need your help for two issues in a form I am building. I apologise but I am a bit of an amateur trying to build this form.

  1. In one group of questions I am gathering information on location at the state and municipal level. I have made these cascade and select multiple answer as the organisations who will complete the survey may work in multiple states. The challenge I am having is that the current configuration only allows the municipalities in one selected state to appear and be selected. I would like the question to select the municipalities for the respective states to be repeated for each state selected.

  2. I wish to obtain what population groups the organisations are working with in each municipality previously selected. This should be a separate question for each municipality selected.

Thank you in advance for any support.

You can find the xls here.


Welcome to the community, @welcha! Maybe you will need to cascade your choices within a repeat group. These support articles should help you achieve your design:

So the steps could be as follows:

  • Design a cascading select question.
  • Group them under a repeat.

Thank you for the assistance!


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