Cascading failure

I have 3 cascading questions but only 2 upload, the 3rd uploads without answer options what could be the problem Region District.xlsx (19.0 KB)

Have you gone through this support article Adding Cascading Select Questions?

Maybe this post discussed previously should also be helpful:

@Kal_Lam I think I did everything right and have still not figured the problem yet is it that the cascade is too long?

I even tried changing the name column of the 3rd question to numbers thinking the problem was with the long names but the problem persisted

@alexiga, could you share with us the section of your xlsform from the one you are working? Maybe we could help you figure out the issue. Note: you need not share the entire xlsform. You could simply share the cascading select section only but it should have all those from the survey sheet and choices sheet.

Here is the cascading file I wish to upload Region District.xlsx (19.0 KB)

Here is the xlsform axhAvED32GkRngdhBe5C29.xlsx (9.8 KB)

@alexiga, i went through your xlsform and could observe that your survey sheet seems to be OK.

Image 1

But, when going through the choices sheet, I didn’t see any filter named district that you have outlined in E4 of the survey tab like you did for E3 for the region.

Image 2

@Kal_Lam , the survey sheet is okay, the problem is in copying the information in the cascading file to create 3 cascading questions as in this file EDS Region District.xlsx (19.0 KB)

You could try it out as outlined in the image below:

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

Image 1

In the choices tab of your xlsform:

In the settings tab of your xlsform:

Image 3

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

Reference xlsform:

Cascading Select.xlsx (22.4 KB)

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