Cascading select multi choice list

I try to import a cascading select in my form.
It seems my cascading is not supported because i got this message when i past my xls :
cascading choices can only reference one choice list

So let me explain what i want to do with this illustration.
Select a province
|-> Select an area
|-> Depending of the area, select a town or a territory
|-> Select a municipality

Let's do an example (in bold the selected one):
Select Province
     |-> province 1
     |-> **province 2**
             |-> Select an area
                           |-> **Urban**
                                    |-> Select a town
                                             |-> town 1
                                             |-> **town 2**
                                                      |-> Select a municipality
                                                                |-> **municipality 1**
                           |-> **Rural**
                                    |-> Select a territory
                                             |-> territory 1
                                             |-> **territory 2**
                                                      |-> Select a municipality
                                                                |-> **municipality 42**

Hope it’s self explanatory enough of what i want to do.
If i’m not wrong, the issue here come from the area select that will call a different choice list depending of the selected option, and that’s not support by kobo ?

My first idea to fixe that will be to do 3 cascading select
One for the province -> area
a second for town-> municipality that will be show only if the area selected is Urban
and the third for territory -> municipality that will be show only if the area selected is Rural.

what do you think ? Any idea how i can do that ?


I had a similar case of implementing the cascading choices. So what you do is, make your Province, Area, (Urban/Rural),(Town/Territory) as select_one question types, and add the appropriate choice filters to filter through your choices list.
Here is the reference of Cascading select that I have implemented.

Hope this helps. :smile:

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