Cascading Select Questions Error Import


I am building a project in Kobocollect, when exporting the data from an .xls file following the standard model that is supported, I can’t send all the data in the spreadsheet, I want to know what the error or pattern is going on.

Hi @ccovitalmarecife can you share your xlsform and the steps you’re taking to try to get this to work?

This xlsform is not working then paste in cascating,

Only this information is imported in the image

I need what is in ‘list name’ to be the questions and what is in ‘label’ to be the answers of each.

Hi @ccovitalmarecife,

Have you gone through the attached support article Adding Cascading Select Questions. Additionally, you could also have a look at the forum discussion on cascading selects here which should be helpful for you to sort out your issue.


just a strange idea. Try to change the end of the last imported text (0357 case) from 0 to some text? Or try to delete this line? Is the import working then?

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