Cascading selection between diferent forms/proyects

I would like to know if it is possible to relate different forms through cascade selections. I have 5 different forms and I would like to be able to pass from one to another directly, allowing me to choose through filters conditioned by the different forms. I have seen the conditioned selection (state / country / city) of the example but I would like to be able to do it between different forms and not within it.

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Unfortunately this feature is not available within KoBoToolbox… I suggest you create a post for future suggestions


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i did create a not so perfect workaround but it requieres human action… There is this wonderful select_one/multiple_from_csv CSV Name question type that allows you in one form to select among answers from a preloaded csv.
Therefore i created a code to download the data from one form, treat it to put it in the good shape and load it as a pre-loaded csv in another form.
However i’m struggling witht the automatization of the downloading and loading part and for the moment ask tecnicians to follow the steps and use the treating code to upload the list of answers in one form, based on the data in another form…
No perfect though but it works