Case refusing to finalize after taking update of the current version

One of me enumerator had a partially save interview in kobocoolect android app…
So the following morning there was an update and I asked them to get a blank form to resolve challenges on the field base on their feed back. Now update was done successfully and she was able to conduct new interview with the current version.
Now she went in for the partially save interview to complete the remaining question and unfortunately, some of the logic on that form do not work again. So for example, i have done some logic to calculate and pre-fill the Age and Month field in completed years giving the date of birth, now when she pull back the partially save form again and navigate to the age and month field even though she has key in the date of birth correctly, the system doesn’t generate the age and month again. So she decided to key in the Age and month manually just to allow her finalize that particular interview and send. Kobo still does not allow her to finalize that particular interview but sent her back to the Age and month again.
But any new interview she conduct with the new deploy version, she has no issue but is the partially case interview that she had before the new version.
Any help!
I will be glad to hear from you soon to resolve this emergency.

Welcome to the community, @shamsu! Would you mind sharing with the community a screenshot of the issue your enumerator receives when trying to save the same? That should help the community understand your issue pictorially.