Challenge with downloading data

Hello. I am having trouble with downloading of data. When I attempt to download, the page goes blank. Even when I refresh the page, it loads for a moment and then returns a bank page. How can I resolve this? Thanks

Welcome to the community, @Arineitwe! Would you mind letting us know the server you are currently using? Also please let us know the total number of submissions you are trying to download. Would also appreciate to have a screenshot of your issue. This should help us better understand your issue.

I am using the [Non-Humanitarian Server. I had a just about 200 submissions from a training activity.

Hi @Arineitwe
Kindly try changing your internet connection and restarting your browser and see if these solve the issue with your download. If the problem persists, kindly send us, in private, your username.


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@Arineitwe, as advised by @stephanealoo, would you mind sharing with us the following through a private message (if you are still facing the issue):

  • Username
  • Project name

Thanks @Kal_Lam. I shared with @stephanealoo the update. I succeeded in resolving the challenge. I edited the form online to remove the identified bugs and also defined the default language. Now, it works well.



@Arineitwe, thank you for confirming!