Check if form is in Edit mode (Enketo)

In my XLSForm on Enketo, is it possible to know if the current form is in “edit” mode ?
I want to display a message to the user, as well as a required question, but only if the form is in “edit mode”. If it a new submition, no message and no required question.

Can I get this information ?

Thank you.

You should be able to know this through the URL. When you are editing a submission you should see edit within the URL.

Similarly, when you are not editing, you should not see the same. You should see something like this:


ok, thank’s @Kal_Lam ,
but I cannot get the current url in the calculatation (or another question) in the XLSForm ?

I took the URL from the browser.

Yes, but if I want to show a question only if I am on edit mode, who can I do ?
Like :