Cloned forms created on enumerators accounts

Hi everyone,

We have experienced something very strange after carrying out a survey on Kobo. I can’t find a similar post about this.

I created a project using my company’s master account, and then shared it with restricted permissions (view forms & add/edit/validate submissions only) to an account for our enumerators.

After data collection we found a bunch of the data was missing. When logging in to the enumerators’ account we found there were 4 cloned versions of the project, each with some of the missing data. These cloned projects are not shown on the master account, and they were created by the enumerator account.

It seems that one/some of the enumerators accidentally cloned the form using their account, but they don’t know how they did that. I understand that they are only using the KoboCollect app.

-Are there a ways that you can clone a project when using KC app?
-Or would they have had to log into Kobo using their internet browser in order to clone it?
-Are there any known bugs that causes this issue?
-Could it be because they had downloaded the form and not updated to newer deployments later?
-Is there a way to restrict an account so that it cannot make clones of projects?

If anyone has any ideas how they could have done this, it would be very appreciated. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen again!


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Welcome to the community, @chrisbrowne! You would not be able to clone a project from the Collect android app. You need to login into your account (say the enumerator’s account) and then clone the project by pressing the clone button.

Maybe your enumerator accidentally pressed the clone project button when he/she tried to explore what it looks like on the server that caused this. But if you are confident that the enumerator did not press the clone project button and think it’s a bug, we can verify it for you. But we would like to hear from your team first.

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Many thanks for confirming this. I imagine this is what happened, rather than a bug, and we will provide better instruction next time. Will of course update this post it happens again without someone messing around with the wrong buttons.

Just checking, is there a way for use to limit an account from being able to clone projects, accidentally or otherwise? We own the enumerator account.


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@chrisbrowne, you should be able to learn more about account restrictions by following our support articles Managing Permissions and Row-Level Permissions.