Collaborate to install Kobo Collect "Workstation" or "Server" on internet-in-a-box (iiab)

For use by educators in poor communities (expensive data / no connectivity / big student numbers per class). For use by health workers in rural settings and clinics

Student’s assessments can be uploaded and auto-graded. Saving overloaded teachers many hours of work on a daily basis. Health workers can easily collect data.

KoboToolbox “Workstation” or “Server” should be available on the iiab menu, Ready for use.

Many millions of teachers, students, health and humanitarian workers across the globe will benefit from this. It would advance education as well as technology in the classroom.

I am going to install “Workstation” or “Server” on a Raspberry Pi to see if I can get it working.
If you agree to assist them, I will ask for the assistance of the iiab developer community.