Collect photos without pre-defined limit


I already made a research in the Forum, but I didn’t find any similar need.

So, I need to create a form to collect photos and some basic information about it like geographic coordinates and category. However, there is no pre-defined numbers of photos that we need to take because it’s a job at fieldwork and can be just one photo or dozen of it.

I’m not being able to solve this need right now, so I’ll be very grateful with some help.

Thank you a lot!

Hi @harlanrodrigo, welcome to the community :tada: You can use repeat groups for this: Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups — KoBoToolbox documentation

You can do something like this in your XLSForm:


type name label
begin_repeat photos Collect photos and details
image photo Photo
geopoint photo_location Location of photo
select_one categories photo_category Choose a category


list_name name label
categories c1 Category 1
categories c2 Category 2
categories c3 Category 3
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Of course!! Thank you a lot!

Just one more question, please. Is there way to change the message when we aks the last question. TO me, a message “add null” appears and it not too beautiful in this way. But the form it’s already pretty good…

Thank you again!

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@harlanrodrigo, could you share a screenshot that has an English text so that the community should be able to understand the message seen in it?