Community Monitoring Survey

Are you, or your organisation, engaged in participatory monitoring projects which make use of the skills and knowledge of communities worldwide through participatory monitoring mechanisms?

GCP has created a survey to gather information on the details of active projects as part of an effort to map out the current landscape of community projects worldwide. We would be extremely grateful if you could forward it to the individual team leaders of projects which your organisation oversees or other proponents of projects you are familiar with from outside your organisation. We would appreciate their time (10 minutes) in filling out the survey by clicking here: We are focusing on projects which directly involve communities in the data-gathering process, for example in monitoring forest carbon stocks, biodiversity or wellbeing.

Context: Having recently completed a pilot study in Guyana, The Global Canopy Programme (GCP) is currently entering Phase II of its ‘Community Measuring, Reporting and Verification’ (C-MRV) project. This project aims to demonstrate the efficiency, effectiveness and equity of community-based monitoring in relation to forest conservation, through training local people to measure the health of their forests and the wellbeing of their communities using open source software developed for mobile phones. In this second phase, GCP hopes to share knowledge of monitoring best practice both regionally and internationally.

We would be extremely grateful for your organisation’s assistance in creating this database of projects and are keen to answer any questions which you, or your project leaders, may have. If you would like to find out more about the GCP’s work then please visit our website - - or email our CMRV team at

With thanks,

Fraser Eccles

Fraser Eccles
Project Assistant – Research Programme

Global Canopy Programme
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