Conditional Repeat Count

Hi @Kal_Lam

Can you please guide how to use Conditional Repeat Count

like : we need

number of members in household say 5
any members suffering with covid Yes / No
if yes how many members suffering with Covid Say 2

now we are getting repeat count from above eg 3 ( 5-2 ) and creating repeat group

but when we select No the same formula gives output of 5 (5-0) and it goes for 5 repeat which should not be there

as there is no person in household who is ill , how we can avoid this means if no person ill only one data of household head should be collected for name and age

Please Guide

Cheers !


Maybe the post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

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Hi @caneeraj

For this I would advise to capture the head of household information outside of the loop since if I understand correctly it should be recorded under all circumstances. I have created an example (see attached xlsform and link to test)

Covid Repeat Example.xlsx (47.9 KB)

Currently CartONG is providing some free assistance for data collection related to (or affected by) the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore if you need any further guidance or have additional questions please feel free to share them. We have helped create forms on this topic for a wide range of organisations and are happy to help.

When you have had a chance to test the attached form, do please let us know if the functionality needs to be modified in any way or if you have any questions about the way it has been coded.