Configuring KoBoCollect android app

One thing is owner shared me the questionnaire full power to editing, submitting and deleting the form but I can see that Shared Form in my KoBo mobile App. What should I do?

@sreangphaly, I made this issue a different one as it was not related to your previous query. It’s good to have a different post for different issues. By doing so, we could index the issues systematically in the community, which would help the community when someone from the community wishes to search for a specific issue.

Sorry, could you kindly explain this a bit as it’s not clear enough. Maybe we could help you out if we are clear with your issue.

Dear Kal,

This is my problem but I have solved it. Actually, if we want to connect Kobo account to kobo mobile app, we need to fill some information in KoBo mobile App setting such as server, account name, and password. Previously I can connect only filled in server with “server address/my account”. Ex: in server setting: However, now it is not completely work to sync all forms from my KoBo account, so I need to fill in those three points in KoBo mobile App, fill server then account and my password. It is completely work well. So, you no need to respond to this problem while I have solved it.

Very much thanks for your kindly support.


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Thank you for confirming that you have solved your issue.