Configuring KoboCollect App to 'get blank forms' from a survey shared by another KoBoToolbox user

Hi, I am trying to share a form with another Kobo user. However while the survey appears on their online account it does not appear in their KoboCollect App (when we go to Get Blank Form). We have been very careful inputting the right URL, username and password into the KoboCollect App server, therefore this is not the cause. Anybody have any advice on how to fix this.

Thanks for your support.


Hi @alexgoldsworthy,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind going through Setup server URL on KoBoCollect section from the attached support article, it should help you sort out your issue:

Article: Collecting Data with KoBoCollect on Android


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I have the same problem, can anybody help please!

Welcome back to the community, @shelter_nrc! Do you mind sharing the screenshot of the General Settings>Server? This should give us a clue on what’s going wrong with the device configuration.