Configuring map layer issues on the commit df1d279 (the commit) version of Kobotoolbox

Hi all,

We followed the instructions on this link to configure the map layer by customizing the following code in the enketo-express config.json file but the changes doesn’t not appear in the project form:

[ {

    "name": "street",

    "tiles": [ "http://{s}.[{z}/{x}/{y}.png](" ],

    "attribution": "Map data © <a href=\"[](\">OpenStreetMap</a> contributors"

}, {

    "name": "satellite",

    "tiles": "GOOGLE_SATELLITE"

} ]

We have also tried adding in new widgets, using the appropriate commands, but they also do not show. We are thinking that kobotoolbox must be getting these settings from somewhere else (not config.json), but no environment variables seem to be set that relate to enketo, and there doesn’t seem to be any default-config.json in the folder. Are there any other places that kobotoolbox could be getting these settings from? Also, our knowledge of linux is quite limited, so apologies if we are missing something obvious.

We deployed the commit df1d279 (the commit) version of Kobotoolbox.

Grateful for your help.

Kind regards,