Confused about images

Hi Rani,
If you’re trying to collect images as part of your survey you just need to add a Photo question to your form (called ‘image’ in XLS Form).

If you’re trying to include an image as part of your question, you need to create a column called ‘media::image’ in your XLS Form and specify the file name in the same row as the question. See for an example. To upload the image to the server and make it available for data collection you need to first deploy the form as a new data collection project, then in Project Settings > Existing Form Files upload the image files. As long as the filenames match the image will be displayed in your form for both Enketo Web forms and in KoBoCollect.




On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 4:14 AM, rani alkhair wrote:

where I have to put image? I really don’t understand… I have to make media::image, but can’t display images. helpppp

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